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Mark Vessey - Auckland

"I have been shooting competitively for over 28 years, all around the world and have used most other brands of ammo and I find the NSI Quattro to be among the best, brilliant patterning, hard hitting and excellent kills!"
Tony Truss - Rotorua

"I've been using NSI ammo now for three years and have found the NSI brand to give me everything I've wanted, great range, fast speed, consistent breaks, and not too punchy, favourite is the 24gram Quattro series"

Fred Tahua - Katikati

"Hi Steve, I used your NSI ammo for the first time last Sunday at the Paeroa Deerstalkers Sporting clay shoot.

I used the NSI Quattro 28g in shot size 7.5 through my Benelli Super Sport.  The ammunition cycled faultlessly all day and I was impressed with the breaks I achieved, some at considerable distance with the second shot.

One outstanding feature of this ammo is the speed of the shells but the lack of felt recoil, very comfortable to shoot plus ideal for second barrels and doubles."

Rob Carruthers - New Plymouth

"As most people who shoot a lot of rounds know, at the end of a long weekends competition, recoil can cost you targets.

In the past I have shot slower ammo to avoid the effects of recoil, but I often found myself wanting more range from these cartridges.

NSI Quattro Sporting fixes this problem, with very good speed and an excellent pattern performance, it is one of the softest shooting sporting shells on the market."

Martin Van de Wetering - Thames

"I have used the NSI cartridge, Target LR1 for months now.  I have found them to be very consistent with excellent breaks and have shot some great scores.  Good cartridges at a good price"

Natalie Curtis - Matamata

"I have never stuck with an ammo as long as I have been using NSI Trap Gold.  It is a reliable shell and the breaks are consistent.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone!"

Lindsay - Matarangi

"Steve, was nice to meet you at  Paeroa on Sunday, I thought I could add some comment on the Europe 28g re the Sporting clays.

I used the new NSI Europe 28g 7.5's at the Maureen Bennett Memorial shoot and found it to be faultless, recoil was light, breaks were excellent (when I hit them) and it cycled perfectly through my Browning Gold Fusion"